Jamaica is a beautiful Caribbean island, With some of the most breath-taking beaches and landscapes you  are likely to see anywhere in the World. However, due to Jamaica’s economic, political and social deprivation, a high  proportion of the population live in deplorable slums conditions.

Reach Dem UK supports the work of Reach Dem JA as follows:

  • Providing Volunteers
  • Collecting & Packing Donations of clothing, footwear, books, household items and (non-perishable) food ect.
  • Shipping  of Donations to Jamaica and paying customs and associated Fees
  • The Distribution of  Donated Items throughout the Inner cities of Jamaica.
  • Fundraising Events & Activities

We encourage young people to volunteer in this worthwhile cause and by doing so,to gain  same perspective regarding their own lives by comparing and contrasting the lifestyles and living conditions of those they are helping with their own.

We currently have a campaign on Facebook entitled “1 Million Downloads”, where the Official Reach Dem Song, performed by the brilliant, iconic, internationally respected, Jamaican Superstar Vocalist Luciano is available for the sum of just £1.00.

The Song, tells a story of the compassion needed in order to address the global problems humanity (particularly, the poorest amongst us) faces today. The song asks us to open up our hearts and minds (and share a smile with someone), as it is one of the most beautiful experiences we can have in this World to be able to reach those less fortunate than ourselves. We believe this profound message delivered by Luciano in his inimitable style, will inspire you, as it continues to inspire us!

It is brilliantly performed by Luciano, one of Jamaica’s most prolific reggae icons in the world who delivers this profound message using his excellence in vocal delivery.

In the face of adversity most people feel helpless, unable to change their situation. However, by joining our campaign and downloading this song you can make a personal contribution to alleviating their plight. Help us Go for Gold and make history again for Jamaica!

Please DOWNLOAD from Amazon or Itunes   and LIKE on our Facebook page

  1. REACHMINMIX 2 Luciano 1:01

Performed by Luciano (Jah Messenger) ‘Reach Dem’ The theme song for Jamaican Charity!!!!!!

Reggae Icon, one of Jamaica’s Finest Reggae Artist LUCIANO Jah Messenger’ performs

REACH DEM for which we aim to achieve our TARGET of 1 MILLION DOWNLOADS!!! and by doing so we aim to make JAMAICAN HISTORY!!