This Program has been specifically designed by Reach Dem UK (RDUK) to give young person the opportunity to learn about working towards their goals and aspirations, by developing life skills whilst supporting their communities. Our aims and objectives are to provide informal education and training which would provide a conduit to establishing realizable career paths this creating greater employability whilst also developing their personal health and wellbeing as an integral factor to achieving realistic goals and aspirations. Our target group is 16 year old and older BMEs and our geographical area is currently South London.


To provide a user lead opportunity for young people to decide at which segment of the program they engage. It provides a new way forward in self-development by allowing them to identify what they need to improve their options and move toward achieving greater access to their career paths.


To enable young people to become leaders, self-reliant, explorative, community focused, passionate about achievements, development of entrepreneurial skills, gain a wider access to information and life skills necessary to enter into the higher educational ladder to gain qualifications to assist them in pursuing their goals.


As a young person starts our Program support begins, RDUK will provide support during their training, extended guided learning, provide follow up after-care which will consist of ongoing mentoring covering advice and counseling and build models who will undertake to follow the progress of individuals.

Course Schedule

We are inviting you to take 15 minutes and complete our Questionnaire (16 years and over) in order to give us an indication of the types of sessions you would like to attend.