Teen Reach

Teen Reach (TR)

  • Teen Reach (TR) is more than a mentoring scheme. It’s an innovative, teen-centered project with a focus on creating a positive and productive youth culture in the UK. Regardless of race, colour or creed.

TR is committed to reaching out and guiding teens (aged 12 to 16) through a journey of introspection and self discovery. By using a range of unconventional but professional methods, we aim to explore and tackle the root cause, symptoms and effects of teen troubles.

Driven by conviction and motivated by compassion, TR is especially committed to helping teens who are distant, defiant or disengaged. With this in mind, our services and activities provide a safe, confidential and therapeutic context where teens can gain a strong sense of identity, belonging and self-respect. Our supportive, enrichment program is a life-changing, memorable and empowering experience, designed to promote self-esteem, self confidence and self-worth.

Our objectives are to:

  • Create initiatives and activities that help young people to value their lives, their health and their aspirations
  • Highlight higher education, training and career options/possibilities
  • Nurture leadership/entrepreneurial skills and create economic opportunities
  • Arm parents, educators and role models with the knowledge, awareness and tools to take supportive, positive, proactive role in a teenager’s life
  • Build sustainable bridges between generations
  • Guide and mentor teens to a life influenced by a strong connection with family, nature and the community.