Knowing Your Rights: What’s the publication for and why should you donate £1?

Why should you donate £1?

Reach Dem UK are determined that young people; know their rights and responsibilities in relation to the police, that they are aware of the consequences of being in a gang.

We need this publication is needed so that your children, grandchildren’s  and society at-large can can benefit from this crime prevention tool.

Surely that’s worth £1?

This is a call to action. You don’t have to do anything more than go to, go to our join us page and click the PayPal and we’ll do the rest!

So before you go raving tonight, or shopping tomorrow, or to the barbers, salon or nail shop. Before you buy your cigarettes, alcohol, shoes, upgrade your phone, buy your gadgets, book your holiday or buy that car can you click the PayPal button?


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