Our Work

We at Reach Dem UK, recognises the need to build bridges across the generation gap, by identifying standards and values from previous generations that once  instituted  will be of benefit to the present generation.

Without this development, the creation of platforms for effective outreach to our marginalised young people will be created in vain. We do believe the adage that  “it takes a village to raise a child”.  therefore, it follows that the old need the young and the young need the old in order for society to work well for the good of all its diverse communities.

Cultural Identity No sense of cultural identity
Strong Established Networks No Networks

Youth Clubs now closed

Discipline Lack of Discipline
Targets/Goals No Vision
Established boundaries No Boundaries
Stability Instability
Responsibility No sense of consequence for undesirable Actions
Self Control Lack of Self Control
Morality Moral Decline
Parental Guidance Lack of Parental guidance
Community Building Lack of Community Involvement

Together we can share ideas, thoughts and experiences, and successfully undertake capacity building exercises within our communities thus,  improving the society we live in and in the process recognising that we are all valuable,important cogs in the big wheel of life.

Here are the events that have taken place in 2018 thought Reachdem UK

First Aid, Social Skills, Caribbean Breakfast, Food and Nutrients, a lovely trip to Hastings, Life and social skills and a bridge the Generation gap event.

Click on the link for photos.